Davey Te Pas ( Chaos)


The 1v1 game has started, a player is just walking on the field covering lanes not hiding at all while the attacking opponent nervously hides and runs trying to avoid getting hit. In the wide open a player calmly shoots it out while giving a stare down at the end. ‘ THY SHALL NOT PASS ‘ is the message without any hesitation.

If you ever have seen an classic Schwarzenegger war movie , it will remind you of this surreal situation.Its Chs.Blueeyes or Te pas nowadays. Chaos has been a underexposed team for a few years now although their name is very O.G. and as far as national championships hold a title as reigning Dutch champions in combination with Unique airsoft. Uni-ChaChaos from origin was the Dutch counterpart of S2N called Second2chaos.

Besides being involved also as Zebra’s Chaos is one the most hard working yet unspoken about teams throughout the years. We ask CHS Blue eyes aka Davey te Pas former Unique player and Zebra.

At this point, having a 1v1 with you is very intimidating in a way. Why did you introduce a style to the 1v1?

Unfortunately i didt introduce any style for the 1v1, its just the way of seeing how.Players react in the game and adjust tot it

Adding a bit of psychological elements to the game and trying to intimidate is not much spoken about or used to win points. But it is very competitive to control matches in any way possible with or without a gun. U might even say it is becoming the trademark of Chaos.

How did Chaos and or you end up with this idea in the first place? And where did the inspiration come from?

No we are a team who are very hard to read because all our players do the same thing and that just be unpredictable and don’t show too much what is a good example is you see a lot of team doing a stare down it wil second before the GO sounds it a part of the sport to scan the opposite team

There was a 1v1 play where you didn’t even hide behind objects but just walked in the open. You have to have balls for that, but also lane-awareness, or diagonal spatial awareness to do so.

How important is it to have spatial awareness to do so or was it just pure a matter of balls and bluff?

Of course you always need to have lane awareness and a focus mind when you step in the 1v1 and yes for sure you need to have balls of steel to stand in the middle of the open field to have control over the field

Like i said before is that you need to read the game the moment when you see like example polo from s2n he is a guy you know he will hold you down with his lane`s and if stand against like a Fives from atsb you can read him knowing that he will try to get you with his jump shot So reading the player is really important

How would you describe the team dynamics, and roles within the team now in most broad sense?

With in the team we try to decide everything together and try to be so transparent if possible

What is the ideal composition of a team according to Chaos or you?

Just be like a family til have fun but the moment when we go to a tournament and we all focus on playing

Unique was there from the beginning, let’s say from Bunde and even before that. Teams came and went and the format also changed ever since.

What are the main changes for you , bad ones and good ones from start until NSL.

The one part is the it not a team deathmatch anymore you need to think tings trough because if you fuck up you may lose

Chaos entered the Provision this season, how do you like it so far and how would you describe the difference between First division and Prodivision?

We were very happy to promote to pro div that’s for sure we know  that the competition is more fun in pro div than first div it a completely different level,

While First Division teams are luring at a promotion to Pro division. Is it worth it to battle for Pro Div ? And why so?

Yeah its that feeling you know that you trained and fought for the big boy league 

I think Chaos is very close to represent the Dutch style of playing speedsoft, or at least play it in a recognizable style that could be described as Dutch. Is that true?

If so, how would you describe the Dutch style?

I think it not a dutch style but more a team style just be aggressive in alway possible

With the Nations cup ahead and being part of the Dutch team, is it a goal to play in a Dutch style?

No, we going to switch a lot of ting up just watch

In what other sports do you find inspiration and which trainers or players or teams are inspiring to you?

For me it’s paintball i played for over a yeah paintball at a local field and i learn so much in just one year, for team it would me houston heat

Tactical wise , without revealing too much. What is your philosophy to the game, player wise, team wise?

Just be savage that all i am going to say

Do you believe in a routine or trained situations approach or rather the ability to improvise paired with good communication and trust on individual understanding of the game?

Good communication is the key to winning but for team it always good to have routine training

What other team is very underrated in the league at the moment? And Why?

On this moment i think wolves they grow big in just a year

As a Zebra , what is the perspective of having good refs on the field? And why did you start to ref anyway?

Yes having good refs on the field helps a lot that why i started to help refining because i liked it and after the second 1e div we when we had a lot of penalties and didt like how that happened so i joined the zebra gang

Although airsoft is a gentleman’s sport, the importance of committed refs is key to a fair tournament. Does that mean airsofters in essence are not able to be gentlemen?

Yes and no but if its gentlemen sport why do you even needs refs or marshalls just saying

At the Canary Island cup there was a real need to inform teams ahead of the tournament itself but also an urgency to set the tone right at start.

How do you look back on the tournament?

The first day we seen some games and looked at some lines how players shoot and stand as a ref we are used to get shot but one moment we got shot by a few player and we took them to a chrono and they were shooting hot like 1.47 joule hot, having mags in the guns in the safety, so we directly set a tone to show them we owned that field on that moment  but for overall it was a nice tournament.

As a Zebra, NSL brings another level of airsoft tournament quality, also due to the Zebra’s. What is the secret?

Just be a sexy zebra on the field and stand your ground and be fair even that i play in chaos i still give panalyts too players i good friend with,

We need more Zebra’s , what is your message to convince players or people to join the Zebra’s?

Just try it is job that very respect by the players to do and you can help the community grow

What is your advice to other leagues that want to have better ref teams?

Train them,every ref needs to know the rules out of their head