Fivves Pre season interview


Fivves has been around for some years now as a Speedsofts player and known as the face from ATSB . Witnessing Australia’s season runner up Midnight kendo actually wearing a ATSB shirt says enough besides being frequently watched by Sapo you have to consider him one of European mainlands influencers to watch next to the ‘   Yo its fivves bitch’  catchphrase it is impossible one missed out on it.

However ATSB doesn’t seem to be flourishing at the same level, already since Dreamhack this team struggles to find consistency and or a line upwards.

While being in the Pro Division it didn’t came easy to stay there throughout the season and dropping to 4th place or even dropping to first division wouldn’t be unthinkable within Covid and the change of roster midseason sweeping the squad and adding new members.

With Reapers bringing some serious heat to the pro division alongside Terra Knights which also had a decent season.


We asked how hard it was to renew the squad.

To be honest it was/ is one of the most challenging things and I had to do it ever since I entered the SpeedQB field for the first time. We had many players throughout the time but we never reached the full potential. I am always going for the next level and my vision is to professionalize the game and the team. But finding player with the right mindset and a good skillset is difficult.

Thats why we decided to open up for international players. Right now we have players from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and China as well (he is living in Germany). Also I am confident that the squad for 2022 we are putting together will show consistent performances and is here to stay.


How big was the influence on Boy and Wollfs and how did they fitted in?

I dont know if both of them realize that but without them atsb wouldnt have survived the 2021 season. So the team and I will be thankful to them all time long. They gave us stability in a very hard time and we also developed a chemistry which brought us just 3 points behind 3rd place in Pro Div. Not to mention a couple of extreme tight games against s2N which could have gone in our favor. So they contributed a lot and helped us stabilize with their presence and experience.


Without them, would it have been a lost season?

As I said before it is most likley that ATSB would not lost the season but being broken apart without them. We are thankful that they turned that away from the team.


On what positions you need refreshments and why?

We have a solid core team now, which 2 promising tryouts on the line. Nevertheless we are working on some player transfers to help us immediately and to add some depth to the squad which I believe will be key for a successful season this year.


Overall ATSB’s squad , is young and If I might say very attacking minded, with the addition of Wolffs and Boy, also a quick attacking styled player who goes for the flag.

What is ATSB’s philosophy behind that and by coordination what is your prefered style of play in such short preparation time?

We used the last months for basic training and understanding of the game. The sport is not on a level yet where everyone really understands the game. so that gave a foundation to improve on our style and work on more details. But in general the core idea is to adapt to the score and play a smart game. Knowing when you have to push or to buy time ingame is key to me. So I am aiming at very fluid formation depending on what is needed. However this requires a big understanding of the game and also players need to accept not getting as many minutes as others if the situation requires that. Thats the style I want to implement throughout this coming season.


How did you manage to do that as a captain?

Being a good captain is a hard job and I am not the most experienced person in life as well since I am only 24 years old. However at the moment I am the oldest guy on the team and the most experienced one on the field. So my job is to pass that knowledge and give my boys the time they need to step up their game. Since we dont have a coach I have to decide things in first place, however everyone has to give direct feedback in so we can adjust tactics in a couple of seconds between rounds. Having a coach at some point will make a lot of stuff easier but finding one is

nearly impossible at that stage of the sport.

 ATSB’s dressing room is always a bit messy and sober compared to others, is it time to talk with your sponsor?

(laughing) Well to be fair its one of the most used rooms in RS and we arent the only team being there. Mostly it looks messy because of the BBs on the ground but we had other issues the last months than worring about not to drop too many BBs there.

Fatal came in this year, on what criteria were they selected and in what vision.

He is a young upcoming player from Belgium who caught some attention from other teams as well. We are happy to sign him and he performed really well on his first full tournament. The most important part is the personality of a player, it has to fit the group and he has to come with the right mindset. And of course it matters what you are capable of showing on the field. It came in handy for him to have some airsoft/ speedsoft experience before that and his shooting off break is very strong. We are looking exactly for these kind of players and together we can form then to beasts on the field.

More new faces about to come for 2022?

We are always keeping our eyes open to see if there are interesting opportunities. Our Squad is

not complete yet, there will be new players announced as soon as we can get back to training. So

stay tuned and follow our team page to get the latest transfers we might realize soon.