LAST UPDATED: 26-01-2023



  • Standing or running in the way of the flag runner will result in a hang.
  • Attackers can’t switch sides after the 20 second call.
  • In case of a draw there will be overtime 1vs1 to determine the winner of the match.
  • Added mercy rule.
  • Added group standings and seeding point tiebreakers.
  • Added the “administrative penalty” as the 4th type of penalty.
  • Bonus 1vs1 are always included with NSL tournaments from now on.
  • Added fixed score in case of a no-show.
  • General updates.


  • Specified rules for players in the death tunnel and spectators on the balcony interfering with games.
  • Snatch by touching the breakout wall is possible until the buzzer is pressed. It does not matter how many players are still alive. Only thing that denies this option is the buzzer.
  • Defined exactly what the starting gate within the breakout wall is.
  • Specified that the entire body (including gear) of the player needs to cross the marked lines on the ground to score points.
  • Specified that the flag must be touched with the player’s hand only to perform a snatch.
  • Pointed out the flag can not be covered intentionally by gear or objects -> automatic snatch.
  • If the flag goes out of the defined boundaries of the field (i.e. death tunnel, ref box, penalty box) that it becomes an automatic snatch for defenders.
  • The flag can only be possessed one time by a single attacking player, handing the flag over to a teammate does not count as a player losing possession. He still can pick it up again or do more handing overs with his teammate.
  • Communication (verbally or non verbally) to teams playing on the field is not allowed 10 seconds before the game starts (once “Feet” is heard everyone needs to shut up and not make any hand gestures)
  • Bonus 1vs1 does not count for the penalty counter.
  • When a team is awarded an automatic flag hang, the points are awarded based on what attacking try it was (1, 2, or 3). Also award full bonus points, because the 1vs1 round is automatically won as well. 
  • Cleaned up the language behind the stacking of second degrees (I.e. it is NOT equal to a first degree because the team only plays with 4x for one round).
  • Added a column for penalty box visits where clears up how many times a player needs to be in the penalty box.
  • When a player does not call their hit, determined by the referees, the severity is based on the totality of the circumstances (i.e. location of the hit, player position, game situation, etc.). Moreover, if a significantly game altering play was made by the player who “no-called”, the referees may choose to award an instant snatch or flag hang to the other team.
  • Added wrong breakout penalties.
  • Early buzzer is now a first degree, it will also be an automatic flag hang or snatch, and for flag hang specifically, the points are awarded based on what attacking try it was (1, 2, or 3). Also award full bonus points, because the 1vs1 round is automatically won as well. 
  • Teams are allowed to have a MAXIMUM of 3 rifles at any time on the field. Players in the penalty box count as “on the field” in that regard. If a team can’t start a try with 5 players, but no players are in the penalty box, they are allowed to play with three players having three rifles. (The previous writing was misleading)
  • Minor word changes.